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Astoria Dental Spa is located in the neighborhood of Astoria, Queens, bearing the zip code of 11106. Our organization is known for the comprehensive list of services we offer in the field of dentistry. The services are custom tailored to suit the needs of anyone in need of some dental work. Our team of dentists is equipped with years of expertise. It allows them to deliver a wide range of services, including comprehensive dental work and regular checkups. People who are prone to fits of anxiety when they need to visit the dentist are in for a treat. The representatives at our office are skilled and trained by us at Astoria. We need to make sure that the patient and their family feel entirely at home when they visit us for any treatment.

We have been serving the community with state-of-art dental services for the past thirty years. We can proudly statate that we have emerged as a leading dental service provider in America, and we strive to hold on to that position. We strongly believe our commitment towards our clients and our work ensures that the reputation lasts for years to come.

We are a dedicated lot, and we made sure that you get the best of us at all times. The appointment hours are flexible, the equipment and labs are state-of-the-art and the doctors try their best to make you feel at home.

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Krishna Priya Yerneni (DDS) is the leading dentist at Astoria. She is as gifted as they come and has been serving the needs of our clients for several years. Dr. Yerneni specializes in an array of services that includes general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and cosmetic enhancements.

Dr. Yerneni got her Dental Surgery degree from the New York University. She has certifications from both Invisalign and implant certification bodies. She stays with her family in Astoria and is an active member of the community surrounding Astoria Dental Spa.

She is a dedicated person who strives to continually educate herself with the advancements made in the world of dentistry. She does that to keep herself in-sync with the modern techniques and technologies related to the field of dentistry.

As a reputed doctor she is known to be excellent with words, and enjoys having long inter-personal conversations with her client. It not only allows her to gain the trust of her client but also to soothe the mind of an already anxious patient.

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