Dental Bridges Specialist

Patients in and around the Astoria, NY areas who are missing a tooth, or teeth, can benefit from the installment of a dental bridge. At Astoria Dental Spa, your experienced dentist can discuss this option with you to improve your oral health.

Are you missing teeth but want the most natural-looking smile?

Bridge the gaps in your teeth with dental bridges

Everyone should be able to enjoy life freely without worrying about the look or discomfort of their teeth. Dental bridges will restore your smile while allowing you to speak easily and enjoy your favorite foods. Let any embarrassment about your teeth become a thing of the past by having one of our dental specialists enhance your appearance with a dental bridge.

Dental Bridges
Dental Bridges

A fixed dental prosthesis used to hold teeth in place and/or replace missing teeth is called a dental bridge. Dental bridges permanently join an artificial tooth to adjacent teeth or dental implants. Dental bridges can be used to reshape teeth that have been damaged, making common activities such as eating and talking easier.

Literally bridging the gap between one or more missing teeth, dental bridges come in a wide variety. The bridge is made up of two or more crowns on either side of the gap in teeth and pontics or artificial teeth. In general, dental bridges can provide for the restoration of missing teeth and prevent complications that can result from tooth loss.

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