Endodontics And Root Canals Specialist

If your tooth is severely damaged or decayed, come to Astoria Dental Spa. Our dental practice offers services in endodontics and root canals designed to preserve our patients’ teeth for those in and around the Astoria, and Queens, NY areas (11106 zip code).

Endodontics and Root Canals

Astoria Dental Spa

In the past, professionals mostly used to remove any unhealthy tooth. But today, because of latest technology and advances in science, dentists can save damaged teeth. No matter how bad the tooth is, our experienced dentists may be able to salvage it. If we decide that you need a root canal therapy, we will explain you the whole procedure, answer all your questions and then proceed. You will undoubtedly benefit from our careful and systematic method. Schedule a consultation today to know more about root canals and endodontics.

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