Before and After Oral Surgery – Tips From Your General Dentist

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Oral surgery can be a daunting procedure, especially if you are unfamiliar with what will take place. Whether you are having a tooth extraction, getting dental implants or getting jaw surgery, there is a lot to learn about these processes. You should not go into the operation blindly. Be prepared so you can have a successful outcome.

Issues that lead to oral surgery

Many people have done nothing wrong to need surgery in their mouth. Often, the patient will request wisdom teeth extraction. This may be necessary because there is no room in the person’s mouth for more teeth. Poor dental habits can be a reason for eventual surgery, however. A lack of brushing or flossing could contribute to tooth loss. The person may then want to get dental implants to replace them.

Other patients suffer injuries to the jaw that cause pain or affect the structure. Some people may have excess tissue in the throat that leads to sleep apnea. Oral surgery options can address these situations.

Understand what the person is getting into

Getting oral surgery may scare some patients. Knowing what will happen during the surgery can provide comfort and put the person more at ease. The dentist should explain every step of the process, including why it is necessary and what the results should be. The patient should learn about possible side effects and complications, even if these are rare.

Arrange for transportation

The invasive nature or oral surgery will require that the patient has help getting home. The dentist may completely knock the person out by using general anesthesia. The patient will feel woozy and disoriented upon waking up. The person should make sure a spouse, partner, parent or friend can drive them home.

Dress appropriately

Comfort is a must when it comes to having oral surgery. Patients should wear loose-fitting clothes, including short-sleeve shirts. Also, do not wear jewelry, including a watch. Avoid putting on makeup, cologne, perfume or other body sprays. Patients with long hair should tie or pin it back.

After-surgery diet

Hot, hard and spicy foods will not sit well with oral surgery patients. After the procedure, the patient should return home and eat soft foods such as scrambled eggs, yogurt, mashed potatoes or applesauce. Avoid coffee, tea, hot cocoa and alcohol.

Take it easy

For the next week after oral surgery, the patient should avoid heavy physical activity. Plenty of rest will help with the healing process. The person should keep objects away from the wound site. The dentist will follow up with the patient in about a week after the procedure.

Make it a successful appointment

Getting surgery can correct severe oral health issues. Though you will experience some soreness and discomfort following the operation, you can soon recover. If you follow these tips and do what the dentist advises, it will not be long before you are back to your normal self. Talk to a dentist near you if you have questions or concerns about this surgery.

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