What Age Do Wisdom Teeth Come In?

Looking for information on wisdom teeth and the approximate ages they begin to grow in? Great! The more you understand about your oral health, which includes your teeth and gums, the better your chances of actually experiencing good oral health. When it comes to finding out more information about wisdom teeth, the topic is still somewhat of a mystery. We already have baby teeth and adult teeth, so why do we need another set of four teeth in the back of our mouth? The main theory is that this third set of molars was necessary for our ancestors' eating habits.

What age do wisdom teeth come in?

For most people, their wisdom teeth will start to grow in between the ages of about 17 and 25. If there is enough room in someone’s mouth to accommodate this extra set of teeth, then it is likely that they will be left alone so they can grow in and take their correct position. If someone does not have enough room, then they will likely need to have one or more of their wisdom teeth extracted from their mouth.

A few wisdom teeth facts

While discomfort and pain are often experienced when wisdom teeth grow in, some people only experience minor irritation. Not having enough room in the mouth for wisdom teeth can make the rest of the teeth crooked. Also, they do not always grow in at the same time. Some people will only have one, two or three wisdom teeth or none at all!

Why are the third set of molars called wisdom teeth?

So, why is our third set of molars called wisdom teeth? Because this extra set of teeth starts growing in when someone is in their late teens or early twenties, and this is a time when people start getting a little wiser.

Still have questions?

Just give us a call when you have a few moments to spare. We have a fantastic dental team that is more than ready and willing to answer any questions you have about your good oral health. Even though many people have no problems when their wisdom teeth begin to grow in, there are others who might. This makes it necessary for them to see a dental professional as soon as possible. We are here if you need us!

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