Why You Should See an Emergency Dentist For a Missing Filling

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If your filling falls out or you need care for other problems, you should call an emergency dentist for an appointment. All dental offices set aside emergency time in the regular schedule for lost fillings and many other dental problems. A health care practitioner will see you the day you call. After assessing your situation, the dentist will determine the ideal treatment.

Emergency dentist and missing fillings

Fillings can last for several years but sometimes they fall out. A lost filling is usually not an emergency. However, a person may experience various problems due to a missing filling. If a filling falls out unexpectedly, a person may be faced with discomfort, pain and a possible emergency. People usually feel pain because the exposed tooth tissue is sensitive to air, pressure or temperature.


Regular dental examinations can help detect issues with existing fillings. A dentist can identify weaknesses in a filling like uneven wear. During the examination, it will be possible to determine if any fillings have worn away or cracked and if they are intact. Sometimes, a filling may come loose if there is decay underneath it. Tooth decay contributes to the destruction of part of the tooth and with time the tooth will no longer have a tight hold on the filling.

Dental X-rays may be taken to help the dentist detect decay under the fillings or between the teeth. If any evidence that a filling has failed is found or if decay is detected, the dental filling may have to be replaced. Regular dental examinations can help prevent complications from becoming worse. Detecting and treating problems early minimizes the need for extensive procedures.

Lost filling

If a filling falls out, a person should keep the lost piece and then later show it to the dentist. The tooth should be kept clean. It is advisable to brush gently with toothpaste together with lukewarm water. Eating in the area should be avoided. Temporary restorative materials that are sold over-the-counter can be plugged up the hole until the dental appointment.


Once at the dental office, a dentist or an assistant will review a patient’s medical history and inquire about symptoms and any concerns. An X-ray may have to be taken and the dentist will determine the appropriate treatment after examining the tooth and X-ray. In a case where the tooth can be restored with a different filling, the patient will be informed of the various filling options. If necessary, a dentist will refer a patient to another health care practitioner. To restore the integrity of a tooth, depending on the situation, the tooth may require a root canal and a cap or crown. Although rare, sometimes, a missing filling may lead to the extraction of the tooth.


If you lose a filling, schedule an appointment to see an emergency dentist as soon as possible. The dentist will determine the appropriate treatment after consultation and a thorough examination of the tooth. Delaying treatment can result in pain, discomfort and in some cases even tooth loss. It is always better to have a problem fixed before it becomes worse.

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